Discover the Transformative Power Of WEFT Extensions!

This best-in-class, in-depth Weft Mastery Training Program will provide you with everything you need to transform your career in 6-8 weeks — attract a high-end clientele, make more money and gain more work-life balance!


Are you struggling to break into the elite level of hair professionals?

Or, are you relatively new to the hair industry and are trying to find your way?

Or, maybe you're more experienced but you're burnt out and lacking inspiration, and get tired trying to make ends meet behind the chair...

Let me guess, you also want to make more money and work a little less, am I right? You are probably tired of being chained to your salon chair waiting for the next walk-in or hoping someone will randomly hit you up on the socials to book a cut and color for one of your several openings tomorrow. By the way, doing three cuts and one partial color in a day isn't any way to make money as a stylist either.

Like all other industries, the grind is essential but there is something to be said about working smarter, and not necessarily harder, in the hair industry. If you continue doing what you've always done then don't expect anything different.

The Time for Change is Here!

You need to maximize your time while behind the chair and bring in more revenue so you can afford to step away to recharge and enjoy time with your family, and friends and do the things you want to do.

The way to make the most of your time is to offer luxury services and cater to those with money! This requires you to level up and to offer the most-requested hair extension service. Set yourself apart from all of the other stylists and take the most robust extension training in the industry with the Platform Hair Extension's Wefts Mastery Program!

Does this sound like you?

Five years ago Renae was in a bad place. She was barely making ends meet as a stylist and salon owner and was in the middle of some grueling personal and professional trials. She was struggling to stay inspired and was wrestling to maintain staff and grow income while working through a number of other challenges. Burnt out, overwhelmed, and stressed, she was barely hanging on.

In an effort to pull herself up by the bootstraps she decided to invest in a Platform weft certification course. While Renae offered other extension services she hadn't offered anything like the method she was about to learn and she had no idea how one class would literally change her life.

The growth and opportunities

Renae was blown away by the commitment to detail and the comprehensive nature of the course. Upon completion, Renae not only had the utmost confidence to slay extension installs but also felt more inspired and reinvigorated than ever before in her career.

Since taking that one Platform Hair Extensions weft course this is now Renae's reality:

  • She makes over 6 figures a year in hair extension revenue alone

  • She has the best support network of inspiring women in the Platform Hair Extensions community that encourage her to continue to level up

  • Hair extension revenue has allowed her to move to her dream beach town where she now owns 2 salon locations

  • She is now an educator and leader for Platform Hair Extensions

  • The stylists and salon owners that she has met through teaching has made her fall even more in-love with the hair industry, and

  • She has become a better CEO and business owner as she has learned to build others up and help them achieve their fullest potential

Are you ready for the growth and opportunities that present themselves when you expand your knowledge and elevate your skill set?

Say hello to a high-end clientele, added revenue and more work-life balance. Enroll in the Wefts Mastery Program today!

Why level-up with the WEFTS Mastery Program?

  • Discover new-found energy and revitalize your career

  • Fill your books by adding the most-requested extension service to your menu

  • Attract a high-end clientele looking for luxury services

  • Offer this high-ticket service to maximize revenue while working behind the chair

  • Increase annual revenue by tens of thousands!!! (Yes, we're serious!)

  • Gain the skills and confidence to join the ranks of elite hair stylists

  • Discover the flexibility to work less and spend more time with family and friends and do the things you want to do

Increase your annual revenue by $10,000+ with just 3-5 returning clients!

How much could you earn with 10-20 clients?

What are people saying about the Mastery Program?

Heidi K.

Menomonee Falls, WI

"You might say I'm somewhat of a Platform fan girl but they just keep knocking it out of the park. Their education is top notch and this program is no different."

Jada C.

Las Vegas, NV

"The Wefts Mastery Program is revolutionary! Platform put so much detail, time and love into it, and it shows. Every single step is covered to ensure you get everything you need and more to master the skill and take your career to the next level. Platform and their education changed my life and I'm so grateful!"

Cheyenne I.

Nashville, TN

"I love the short digestible videos. They are packed with so much information yet the small sections makes receiving the information so much less overwhelming. This course is one of a kind."

Megan R.

Bonney Lake, WA

"Transformative and inclusive. This mastery program exceeded my expectations. Whether you're a seasoned stylist or a beginner in the world of hair extensions, this program caters to all levels of experience. It's all about the details and this program nails it!"

As a HAIRSTYLIST or EXTENSIONIST are you ready to revitalize your career, bring in more income, and equip yourself with more tools to meet the demands of your clients?

Look no further –

this Wefts Mastery Program is for you!

If you're not interested in growing, pushing yourself, and attracting a high-end clientele, then this program will NOT be your cup of tea.

You should enroll in this course if...


"We Rise By Lifting Others" is not just a motto but a philosophy embedded in our culture. Enrolling in our mastery program means becoming part of a loving and supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about hair extensions. Networking opportunities, collaborative projects, and ongoing support, from both educators and fellow students, create an environment where everyone can thrive and grow together. We got your back.


The beauty of our mastery program, in part, is its flexibility to consume at your own speed from wherever you are located. You can start, stop, rewind and pause the program and review the sections where you need additional practice. To kick off our mastery program, every stylist will complete an assessment to help us (and yourself) identify your unique learning style. By understanding how you process information and learn, we can provide direction and feedback specific to each individual’s needs. Throughout your education experience, you will work one-on-one with your virtual coach, and in the live, in-person course, you will work with an additional educator so you can maximize every learning opportunity.


We offer our 3-Step Education Approach combining comprehensive virtual instruction, personalized virtual coaching, and interactive hands-on, in-person training. This proven model ensures we can cater instruction and feedback to all different learning styles and provides each student with significant opportunities to pick up on all of the intricate details of the extension installation.


Most extension services are by nature luxury services, and as such, demand a high price. Naturally, the best-trained stylists will carve out a niche for themselves and they will have the opportunity to charge a premium. As a high-end service, a full install of Hand-Sewn weft extensions will bring in an average of $1000+ of added revenue. How many installs would you need to do to boost your annual revenue by 25 or even 50%?


This mastery program focuses specifically on Hand-Sewn weft extensions, demonstrating a commitment to precision and mastery in this specialized service. We take a strategic and systematic approach to customize every extension install for almost any client. Regardless of your current experience level, if you're seeking to elevate your skills and become an expert in this specific area, you will be drawn to this program's specialized curriculum.


Hand-Sewn Weft extensions are still the most-requested hair extension service in the industry. Weft extensions are incredibly customizable and are a great option for nearly everybody looking to add more length and/or achieve more volume. While weft extensions provide a great value it is still a high-ticket service that attracts customers willing to pay a premium. Grow that high-end client list when you add Hand-Sewn Weft services to your menu!


We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch education that goes beyond the basics. We provide you with valuable industry insights, trends, and tips, and want you to be known in your area as having all the answers. We strive to innovate and stay updated with the latest advancements in hair extensions, ensuring that you are well-equipped to excel in an evolving field.

The Proven 3-Step Platform Educataion Approach

Virtual Learning

Take advantage of a robust virtual training program that you can work through at your own speed. Learn the nitty-gritty details and techniques to master Micro K-Tip Extensions.

Personal Coaching

Work through the program with a personal coach giving you guidance, feedback, and tips and tricks to help dial in your technique and to help refine your process.

Hands-On Training

Perfect your craft and network with other like-minded and successful stylists by attending a hands-on course taught by one of our many educators across the country.

What's included with enrollment?

  • An extension kit valued at over $1250 —

    One full pack Hand-Sewn Weft hair included

  • 12-month access to our virtual Wefts Mastery learning platform

  • A dedicated virtual coach to help you succeed

  • Attendance to a hands-on Weft Mastery course taught by one of our incredible Platform Certified Educators

  • An invaluable Multiple Intelligences learning assessment with your personalized results

  • Business resources and guides to help you successfully integrate this new service into your business (pricing, consultation, liability release, marketing etc.)

  • Access to the Platform Wefts Mastery community filled with crazy successful, supportive, and like-minded stylists.

Picture this...

IMAGINE HOW YOUR career (and your life) can change in just a handful of weeks!

Earn $600-$2000 revenue per client (not including color) for a 1-4-hour extension installation

Make more money while working fewer hours freeing up time to spend with your family, and friends, and/or doing the things you love. PRIORITIZE YOU TIME!

Avoid burnout and regain the excitement of offering your clients the ultimate luxury service.

Visualize attracting a high-end clientele seeking nothing but luxury services.

Think of how you'll stand out, above your peers, offering a complete and customizable hair extension service.

No more settling for mediocrity — it's time to achieve Hollywood-level results and elevate your career to new heights.

Don't let fear or doubt hold you back any longer.

Join us and unlock the pathway to success you've been dreaming of.

Add Platform Weft Services to your service menu and unlock more freedom from your chair!

Let's recap what you get with the Wefts Mastery Program:

  • 12-mo. access to dedicated virtual coach — $1,500 value

  • Platform installation kit with Hand-Sewn wefts — $1,286 value

  • 12-mo. access to the Wefts Mastery virtual learning — $999 value

  • Attendance in 1 in-person, hands-on mastery course — $999 value

  • Supporting business resources — $350 value

  • Access to Wefts Mastery community — $240 value

  • Multiple intelligence personal learning assessment — $75 value

TOTAL: $5,449 value


Total Investment:




Act quickly!

Enrollment is limited!

Recoup your investment in just your first 2-4 of appointments

100% Guarantee

*Complete the program in its entirety and display proficiency in the techniques or we'll work with you until you do.

**Access to the virtual training and the personal coach will be limited to 12 months from your date of purchase.

Here's the deal, at this point, you have a few options...

  • Continue doing the same thing you've been doing and struggle to stand out among all other stylists. Eventually you'll fall behind the trends and be forced to play catchup later.


  • Commit to advance your skillset today. Begin to make a name for yourself in the hair extension community, becoming the go-to stylist in your area! Join this mastery program now and be on the front end of this trend that is here to stay. You'll start earning significantly more revenue and buy yourself freedom from being chained to your chair 12 hours a day.

Meet the main gal in front of the camera

Hi! I'm Meg, the visionary Founder/President steering the ship at Platform Hair Extensions. With an extensive 18-year background as a licensed cosmetologist and educator, I've left my mark transforming hair for high-profile celebrities and as the owner/operator of Platform Salon.

My passion extends beyond the salon chair — I thrive on sharing my expertise. Whether it's through hands-on experiences or virtual courses, I'm dedicated to enlightening others on advanced color techniques and the intricate artistry of Hand-Sewn Weft and Micro K-Tip hair extensions.

Fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit, I founded Platform Hair Extensions to fill a void in the market — a place where quality, fairness, and positive culture converge. As a CEO, my commitment goes beyond providing superior products; it extends to cultivating a brand that embodies excellence in the hairstylist community.

I am a 36-year-old, business-savvy woman, happily married with two kids, and a penchant for adventure and good vibes, including lots of travel and a love for the nostalgic beats of 2000s hip hop. Platform Hair Extensions isn't just a brand; it's a movement, a testament to the fusion of business acumen, family values, and a passion for creating beauty that transcends trends. Join us on this transformative journey, where every strand tells a story of quality, success, and empowerment.

Do the Platform Weft Methods in any way sacrifice the integrity or health of the hair and scalp?

Hair and scalp health is always the highest priority at Platform Hair Extensions. Our methods have been created specifically to ensure a gentle and healthy extension "grow-out." These methods have been proven over the past 7 years.

Will I learn how to hide/conceal the beads used for the install?

Yes!!! You will learn both the Platform Classic Method install and the Platform Hidden Weft Method install where we teach you how to hide your beads resulting in the most seamless install possible.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Afterpay is available at checkout to break up the payments into installments. *Approvals are decided by Afterpay and are dependent upon creditworthiness and other credit factors.

Does this course go over business strategy (e.g. how to price this service, how to attract clients, how much hair to order per client etc.)?

We address all these questions and more. 

Will this program teach me everything I need to know to tackle any client and their needs? 

Absolutely! The Platform foundations are designed to give you a simplified way to conquer even the most challenging installs.

Can my friend and I split the cost of enrollment and share the course?

Each enrollment is only good for one individual. We ask that you keep this course and its contents to yourself and to be respectful of the time, money, and effort that it took you to invest in the course. This program is designed to provide one-on-one coaching and feedback to those enrolled. Every enrolled student will be allowed only one seat in the hands-on course.

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